*NEW* Positions in Team Fritz opened up - read below
Team Fritz is expanding rapidly and we have some new positions open in our team!
Yep, we have very high standards and yes, we are only looking for the best.
Your Value of Working With Us
 Culture of A-Players
Every single one of our employees takes full responsibility for the success of our company on DAY ONE and has a specific reason why he/she has been chosen to work in our team. If we decide to hire you, it’s because we see long-term future potential in you and are certain that you will maintain our team culture of A-Players.
  Fair Compensation
We pay our staff monthly, on time and based upon the value they bring in.
The more, the better. There are no interns or free labor forces in our team.
 Exclusive Know-How
Our staff is getting equipped with tons of insights, resources and knowledge not everybody can get their hands on. Everyday we’re helping thousands of people, providing value and changing lives. You will learn about personal development, fitness, health & business on a daily basis. You’ll also learn from people who have helped build million dollar businesses.
 Promotion Prospects
We don’t intend to create dead end jobs, there are already enough in the world. People willing to work hard and able to prove themselves quickly get to the next level and take on more responsibility.
General Requirements
  You have high proficiency in English language - both written and spoken.
  Since you will be a representative, you have to have 100% belief in the
greater message of Fritz Horstmann.
  You want to be part of something bigger. You have a very high degree of
loyalty and ability to work in a team.
  You’re not in it for the short run and want to commit for at least one year
working for us.
  You possess healthy self-confidence and have a strong, positive mindset.
You shouldn’t be shy in front of a camera.
  You need to be able to learn extremely fast and be 100% coachable.
  You need to be able to simply EXECUTE what we’re telling you to execute.
  You possess the typical virtues: discipline, punctuality, reliability and precise working.
  You need to be able to work autonomously without being supervised.
  You need to be able to remain calm in stressful situations and have trust in the team.
  You have to be willing to leave your entire life behind and move to Berlin (you must be able to come to Berlin within 1-2 weeks. Otherwise, please apply at a later point.)
Open positions
Sales Assistant (German & English proficiency needed)
Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht Menschen zu helfen ihre Fitness und ihr Gesundheit durch pflanzenbasierte Ernährung nachhaltig zu verbessern.

Wir suchen neue Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) für unsere Sales- & Strategieberatung in Berlin, die uns dabei unterstützen, den Kontakt mit Interessenten zu halten, potenzielle Kunden vorzuqualifizieren und diese hinsichtlich ihrer gesundheitlichen Ziele strategisch zu beraten.

 • Vollzeitposition in unserem Sales-Team
 • Dies ist KEIN Sales-Job– du arbeitest im Bereich Sales und telefonierst jeden Tag mit Kunden, bist aber kein Verkäufer. Dein Job ist es, Termine zu vereinbaren, Leute zu screenen und eine helfende Hand für unsere Sales Leute zu sein.
• Bezahlung: nach anfänglicher erfolgreicher Zusammenarbeit 2.000-2.500,- Euro pro Monat + Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten
• Es sind keinerlei Erfahrungen im Vertrieb notwendig

• Es sind keinerlei Erfahrungen im Vertrieb notwendig
• Sehr gutes Englisch in Wort und Schrift - du musst dich auf englisch unterhalten können, Akzent ist kein Problem
• Die Fähigkeit, bestehenden Prozessen zu folgen
• Schnelle Auffassungsgabe und hohe Disziplin
• Starke kommunikative Fähigkeiten und ein ausgeprägtes Gespür für Empathie
• Guter Umgang mit Leistungsdruck
• Gute Teamfähigkeit
• Vorkenntnisse in den Themen Fitness, Coaching, Beratung etc. sind von Vorteil, aber nicht notwendig.
Sicherer Arbeitsplatz
Gute Vergütung & Karrierechancen
Faire Chefebene
Exklusives Fachwissen
Gute Arbeitsatmosphäre
Gute Arbeitsatmosphäre
Executive Assistant to CEO (Fritz) (Administration) - *Proficient in German & English*
We're looking for new staff members (m/f/d) for our business administration, who can assist us in planning and organizing the company. You will be the executive assistant to our Chief Executive Officer and help us build, manage and take care of internal operations and processes in our office in Berlin.

Are you the type of person -
… who somehow gets involved in everything at your work ..
… who your old/current employer stresses about losing since you run half the business
… who it takes 2 full-time people to replace
… who feels like everyone is just lazy
… who lives and breathes email and mini-meetings
… who craves the feeling of inbox zero
… who only stops when its done

Then this position is for you.

The goal of this paid trainee program is to select and hire you as the right hand of the executive office.
Full time position
Personal Assistant to our Chief Executive Officer
All work is done 100% online but you’ll be working side by side with us in our office in Berlin
You’ll be trained by the entire team Fritz
You should have extensive organisational skills and attention to detail.
How to Apply:
Above this text, you have seen the exact positions that are open.

If you fulfill the general requirements and see yourself fit for one of these jobs, you will be able to take the application form on the next page and start the application process.

We will then receive and review your application, giving you feedback regarding the following procedure approximately within the next 3-4 business days.
See you soon, Fritz Horstmann & Team
- Fritz -
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